Everything we know about new iPhone 14

new iPhone 14

Apple will introduce the new iPhone 14 this year, just as it does every other year without fail. There will be four different models, each one with different screen size, different cameras and other technical details. Two will be normal iPhone 14 models, whereas two will be Pro models. In this article, we’ll go over all four models, and what to expect from each one.

Display and Size of the Phone

Screen sizes for the most recent iPhone release are the same as the model from previous year. However, the essence of iPhone 14 Pro design is not going to stay the same. Apple is making changes to infrared sensors in the newest Pro model. Rumors say that Pro editions of the newest iPhone model will have two cutouts instead of having a notch. One will be to store Face ID sensors, and the other for selfie cameras. The regular model is going to have the same notch as previous iPhone models.

One of main differences between Pro and regular models is the refresh rate. Pro models have 120hz display, whereas regular iPhone models are most likely to stay capped at lower refresh rate. However, some rumors say that all iPhone 14 models could get an upgrade to higher refresh rate. 

Visual appearance and materials

The colors are going to be different as well. We could get a purple iPhone 14 model. One thing is for certain, iPhone 14 is going to be more than powerful enough to play games. Sign up on Casino BetChan to spend your free time and maybe even win some money. 

Reports say that iPhone 14 Pro is going to have a titanium body. This is an upgrade from iPhone 13 Pro, which uses stainless steel material for its body. Regular models are going to use the same aluminum material used in previous models of the phone.

New and improved camera

iPhone 14 review

Apple continues the tradition of improving cameras every year. The manufacturer wants to upgrade the new model to a 48 megapixel camera, and implement a 8K video feature. We will see improvements in other rear view cameras like Ultrawide and Telephoto as well. Some leaks say that these camera improvements are going to be exclusive to Pro models. Apple’s policy of implementing best possible features for its high end models aligns with this news. All four new smartphones are probably going to get better selfie cameras, with improved autofocus features.

New A16 chipset

According to leaks, Apple is going to implement a brand new A16 chip in iPhone 14 Pro model. Regular models are still going to continue with the same chip as the one in iPhone 13 series. If this is true, it will be a deviation of the usual Apple strategy to put the same processor in both regular and Pro models. The chipset will be based on the Snapdragon X65 5G processor, which allows phone users to use 5G and other newest connectivity features. Reports say that Apple is trying to implement a way to establish satellite connection in emergency situations. With this feature, you can make calls and send texts even when there is no cell coverage.

Finally, an important change is that Apple is suspending the ‘mini’ line of phones. If you’re a fan of compact phones, you can still get the iPhone 13 mini, which is a great compact device.There are lots of rumors going on about the release of iPhone 14. This is a summary of everything there is to know.