“Up the Stairwell” Strategy for Slot Machines


The greatest approach for playing slots is to pick the machines with the highest payout percentage. And biggest stake if only to increase your chances of winning the jackpot or abnormally high coefficients. However, not everyone can afford to play to their full potential, and such an approach is not always appropriate. 

Many slot aficionados use a variety of betting strategies for the game, which, although not providing an advantage, do serve to systematize or at the very least make the process more fascinating. Due to the restricted skills of the casino client in this area of gaming, slot machine strategies are seldom intricate. The “Up the Steps” approach, which will be covered in this article, is similarly straightforward. 

The “Up the stairs” Technique for Slots 

It is particularly popular among those who believe that video slots may be used to capture a winning streak. Let us state straight once that such a notion is not shared by us. The random number generator’s activity is unpredictable, and each spin is a distinct and independent round. 

It has nothing to do with any of the prior or following drawings. If you disagree with us, however, the “Up the Stairs” strategy should pique your interest. Any player, whatever of his or her beliefs regarding the principles of slots, may enjoy it. 

What is the Best Way to Play the “Up the Stairs” Betting System? 

Strategy for Slot Machines

The developers of the methodology make the following suggestions. Always begin with a modest bid, which will serve as your minimum threshold. Even if the regulations allow it, it is not essential to put one penny. Simply choose an amount that you will not wager less than. If the initial spin is a loss, the following bet is the same as before. If you win, you must increase its size by double. As a result, you behave in the same manner: 

  • If you win, you double your stake; if you lose, you lose half your bet. 
  • You may increase the stake to the maximum or the limit that you can afford based on this approach. If you can really “catch the wave,” you can win a considerable amount of money. 

The “Up the Stairs” Strategy’s Conclusions 

Slot Machines

The biggest benefit of this technique is that you will gamble a lot of money with the money you’ve earned. A victory that requires you to increase your wager signifies a sum that is at least double the original bet size. That is, if you bet one dollar and received a payout of one and a half dollars (after subtracting the bet), you should not bet two dollars the next spin. 

It’s also simple to see how this method mimics some of the progressive roulette systems now in use. Finally, let me say it again: 

  • This, or any other approach, will not help you win at slots. 
  • As a result, you should not put too much faith in them or trust them completely. And the “Up the Stairs” mechanism is only a means to make wagers, not a technique to get around the casino’s advantages.